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stage name: Aiji
real name: Mizui Shinji
birthdate: 17.11.1974
birthplace: Nagano
bloodtype: A
zodiac sign: scorpio
height: 175-177 cm
weight: 53 kg
hobbies: talking on the phone, playing videogames, shopping and sleeping
favorite colors: purple, red
family: parents, older brother
previous bands: Siam Shade (roadie), Mona Lisa (vocalist, was known as "Ai" back then), KALEN (guitarist, was known as "Ai" back then), PIERROT (lead guitarist)
Aiji used to be the leading guitarist in the jrock-band PIERROT till the disbandment on April 2006. He came to PIERROT in February 1995 and replaced Kirito as the leading guitarist, when Kirito took the place of a vocalist. Aiji composed a lot of songs for PIERROT (one could say almost half of them), like Adolf and Icaross, but he never wrote any lyrics. He's said that originally he wanted to be a vocalist, and he was Mona Lisa's singer for a while, but after he started to play the guitar, he changed his mind pretty quickly because the guitar just felt like the right choice for him. Aiji seems to be a very calm person, and you don't see him smile often, but it is said that he's still a very social person who gets along with everybody and doesn't hesitate to talk even to complete strangers.

After PIERROT's disbandment, Aiji's been working on his own solo project LM.C (Lovely Mocochang), which is a small band of two members, the other one being the vocalist Maya. Aiji has changed his looks pretty much from the PIERROT-days, to be more visual kei. Their first live will be on 16.10.2006 at Shibuya O-EAST, a release party dedicated for their 1st single release, and they're going to have a small tour from 11th to the 15th of November. LM.C's first single-release was on 4.10.2006.

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